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PTFE Sheets
PTFE Sheets are tear resistant and durable use for many times. Teflon Sheets are a great tool for protecting your shirts when using a heat press, and also for helping fix printing mistakes that might occur from too thick of an ink deposit or fibrillation from a tricky shirt. These heat transfer sheets can be used for a wide variety of craft projects.
PTFE Bushes

Our PTFE Bushes are effectively utilized in numerous electrical components for proper machine functioning. They have great mechanical load and auto-lubrication applications. These additionally have a tidy and flat surface for simple cutting and trimming processes.


The offered PTFE Rods are designed for both residential and industrial application. They significantly improve the working life of numerous machines and components. These rods are safe against chemicals and solvents that render them a longer working life.

PTFE Tubes

These PTFE Tubes are available in standard sizes but can be made in personalized models to suit different applications. They additionally come with zero crevice separation error for accurate dimensional stability and functioning.

PTFE Gaskets

These PTFE Gaskets are ideal for standard machines and components as they have suitable chemical as well as mechanical properties. They fill a gap between more than two mating surfaces.

PTFE Machined Components

The provided PTFE Machined Components successfully distributes threaded fastener load. These are used as springs, spacers, shims, and devices in countless machines. Their outer diameter is bigger than its internal diameter. Therefore, it is suggested to choose the correct size for correct installation and application.

PTFE Plate
Our PTFE Plates have effective dielectric strength; therefore, they are regarded as the best component for insulation applications. They are greatly resistant against chemicals and water. These are absorbing material and low in weight.
PTFE Washers

The offered PTFE Washers are utilized for greater pressure and temperature applications. These have higher tensile and compression strength that makes them resistant against elevated temperature, heat, pressure and friction.


This PTFE Ball has elevated tensile and compression strength, which means it can be installed anywhere where metal components are essential. It is completely retardant against chemicals, acids, solvents, pressure, elevated temperature, tear, and water.

PTFE Bellow

Our PTFE Bellow is suitable for considerably higher pressure, heat, and temperature applications. It is exceptionally safe from corrosive and chemical products. This has auto-lubrication, improved wear resistance, higher precision, and low friction coefficient properties.

Turcite Sheet Roll

This Turcite Sheet Roll is an ideal bearing material that possesses low friction property for the machine tools. It is primarily used for numerous linear motion application. This also has non-stick and non-slip properties for precision at low speeds.

PTFE Seals
The round shape PTFE seals in white color can be used for a number of moving assemblies. Be it any operation condition: dry, high temperature or high thermal stress, these are well-suited for all applications. These seals can be used in pumps, machine tools and many other equipment and tools.
Our company supplies round PTFE bar that are soft, formable, non-toxic and resistant to weathering and chemicals. These rods have excellent dielectric properties and high anti adhesiveness.
PTFE Skived Sheet

PTFE Skived Sheet is very easy to adapt, easy to cut. As long as this are used the equipment will continue their service and keep its best performance. This are suitable for tube pipe flanges, enamelled flanges, vessels, containers, boilers, reactors, valves, pumps, turbines, lids, gauge glasses, diverse pipelines, glass, rubber, plastics, non rusting lining towers, etc.

Teflon Sheets
Teflon Sheets are great to use for your heat transfer projects. These sheets are absolutely perfect to use to iron on transfers to t-shirts. Extensively used in lining bearing pads and electrical insulations, it is widely praised among the customers we have. The range of PTFE sheets offered by us is inert to chemicals.